Chrianna Together Again!?

Everyone knows about the “CB” and “RiRi’s” love story, from the multiple kisses at KFC to the Ike and Tina romp on the way to the Grammy’s in 2009. With all that aside, I was pleased to hear they may be getting back together after the duo shared a kiss on this year’s MTV video music awards. The reunion was bound to happen since the choice to break up was made by the world, management, friends and family.  I will not go on forever, lord knows I can but I am really disgusted and have had enough of the comments saying she deserved it; she’s dumb if she forgives him and so on.

(courtesy of bossip)

I am pro-choice, and the right to choose and make choices for one’s self should not be stripped away because you’re a celebrity. We should praise, not bash her for being able to forgive an act that many of us say “I would never”. However, I am aware the truth in what actions one will display can only be known when it’s time to act. Also… can anyone tell me when forgiveness became a bad thing? Society is supposed to encourage forgiveness and promote second chances but I guess things have changed.

 (courtesy of the daily news)

When it’s all said and done, everyone should follow their heart and If they make each other happy along the way; why not? The only thing promised in life is death. So live, forgive, give second chances, be strong and know when it’s time to move on!


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