Is Honesty The Best Policy?

I’ve heard many people say they want a friend who will be honest with them, “keep it one hundred”, “keep it real” lol and so on, but I find many people won’t rock the boat because they want to stay aboard! This brings me to my situation:

Having friends can make you really happy and losing them can make you sad. When you lose that friend you hung out with all the time, chatted with constantly, loved their family, and had their back it sucks. You just knew you guys would grow old together building a bond that would stand the test of time. Then one day you wake up and that friend is gone.

I’ve learned it is not beneficial to keep feelings bottled up inside because when left alone they will boil into an explosion… ((BOOM)).  My good but airling friend did something that did not sit well with me and I felt I needed to let her know.  Boy oh boy, I did not anticipate her reaction when making my feelings of disapproval known about what she did. BIG MISTAKE, BIG (in my Julia Roberts pretty woman voice when she waltzed back in the store on Rodeo Dr. with money to blow). I was not angry or upset when I replied to my friend (via txt) and said “I wish you would have told me first but it’s all good”. I don’t know how that statement could make anyone feel I was coming at them in a certain way; seems to me like they’ve been holding in some feelings of their own ((BOOM)).  I called this person my friend because I respected, admired and in some ways looked up to them, however just because I call someone my friend does not mean I will let them do something to me I don’t like and not speak up about it; especially, when they would not have done it to anyone else.

This situation has shown me, if you want to be friends with someone it’s best to be fake and not speak up if they do something you don’t like. If that’s the case which I hope it’s not, I will happily take the no friend route. It’s really sad because throughout our friendship we both have done things the other chose to let go. However, this was something I needed to address to prevent problems in our future.

At this point there might not be a future. How real do you keep it with your friends when they do something you don’t like and how well do they take it if you choose to be honest. Do they say sorry? Or bring up something from long ago that didn’t bother them for the sake of having something to say?

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