Heaven Bound

Are you going to heaven?

Throughout life I can recall myself always saying “I’m going to get baptized at 25″ Smh…let’s just say I’m no longer 25 and haven’t been for a while now. It’s been on my heart to get baptized for over 2 years and  tomorrow I will dedicate my life and strengthen my relationship with Christ; with the help of the holy spirit!


Baptism-is an external demonstration of an internal decision to completely immerse yourself into the life of christ.

As I look back on the last few years of my life, I must say the progression is undoubtedly evident. The negative feelings, toxic relationships, wicked thoughts, and stress are not as prevalent as before. I thank God because when I turned to run away from these things, people and situations He was there and received me with open arms. I need him right now! I needed him in that moment, not another second or minute later and He was there for me and I was safe.

I consider getting baptized the climax to my life, not the beginning or end but the highest and most intense point in the evolution of me. My internal and external transformation is ongoing but this (CIP) Christian In Progress is well on her way to the pearly gates.

The journey, to this moment was not an easy one by any means. However, I believe now more then ever, my lord was and is preparing me to reach my potential, realize my purpose and live his plan for my life and he wants to do the same for all his children especially you.

Looking forward to holistically living my life for Christ…

If it were easy everyone would do it…

The Power of a Dream Gala 2013, Hosted by Wayne Brady and Sheryl Lee Ralph

Tonight, was a night to remember! The 12th annual Power of a Dream Gala’s yearly fundraiser was held at the J.W Marriot Hotel in Washington D.C; supporting the U.S. Dream Academy!

The Dream academy celebrated 15 years of service to the many children who benefited from their organization. They celebrated 15 years of keeping at risk youth in school and off the streets, providing them with hope, when they face despair and reminding them not to just dream, but to dream BIG because dreams do come true.

Helping students realize their dreams is a significant goal of the dream academy. Dream academy scholars learn skill-building, character building and dream building; which are the three major components forming the programs philosophy.

The gala was hosted by Primetime Emmy Award-winning Actor, Singer and Comedian Wayne Brady and Tony Award Nominating Actress and Singer Sheryl Lee Ralph. The dynamic duos jovial exchange and upbeat presence added a nice flow and continued interest in the evening’s festivities.106

I witnessed many dignitaries enjoying the glamorous evening as I glanced around the dining hall. The honorable Alexis Herman (former U.S. secretary of Labor), Elijah E. Cummings (U.S. Congressman (D-MD), Wes Moore (best-selling author), and (Emmy and Edward R. Murrow award-winning Anchor) Cynne’ Simpson.

The Founder of the Dream Academy Wintley Phipps is a positive influence in the lives of many at risk youth.

If you would like to learn more about this show stopping organization or make a monetary donation please visit: http://www.usdreamacagemy.org

Below are moments I captured during the event…..ENJOY!!!

Hero: Doyin Oladipupo

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Doyin Oladipupo

This young teen, 15 years old, from Cali was brave during a break in at her house. She was able to hide and call the cops, who caught the three teenage thieves. I can only imagine how terrified I would be, but this young girl is truly brave. Check out her story here at http://gma.yahoo.com/quick-thinking-teen-helps-catch-home-intruders-131814317–abc-news-topstories.html

The link includes the story and a video.

The picture came from http://www.karmaville.com/?page=karma&id=6091&sid=6397.

Shout outs to young Doyin Oladipupo :)

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The DMV’s Got Talent!

The first annual, Kissed by Destiny, Talent Showcase at the Bowie Center of Performing Arts proved, there is still great undiscovered talent in the DMV!!! Many young amateurs braved the stage, bearing their souls and swallowing their fears while taking the first steps to achieving their goals.


Many performances were lined up for the night and all the acts delivered. The dancers, singers, steppers and poets brought the house down! The Fashion show and models had the benjamin’s ready to jump out my hello kitty wallet, pleading for a shot to have some of those gorgeous custom made pieces adopted into my wardrobe.

The “Rohanna Dance Production’s” nostalgic piece brought back childhood memories of The Nutcracker while “Humble Existence” dance routine put the Hip in hip hop. I’ve never been much of a dancer but I was moving to that one.
I enjoyed all the talent but, the Lady Raiders, a high school step team that performs all around the DMV and out of town; was the best performance of the night! The Raiders were dressed in blue jeans, white tank tops with plaid shirts, tied in a not, and 3 inch heels. They looked so cute, instantly reminding me of Zendaya and Bella on the Disney channel’s hit show Shake it Up. However, those girls held no prisoners. Their routine was hot, fresh and sleek. The Lady Raiders could give any college step team a run for their money with their meticulous precision; hitting every beat with the dust rising from their feet. I was impressed and I wish the Lady Raiders the best!

This was the first time a talent show held my interest from being beginning to end.
The show was great, entertaining and most importantly for a good cause. Kissed by Destiny (KBD), gate 12 Inc. & dreamz do come true are responsible for this dynamic show, recognizing the need and importance of preserving outlets for performing arts; at a time when many schools are slashing or cutting their performing arts budget.

Kudos to you and keep on doing what you do.  I am eager to see what you put together next year!
If you didn’t know now you know, Kissed by Destiny (KBD) Talent Showcase is where you need to be next year!

Zendaya Demolished DWTS Competion S16:Ep2

Dancing with the stars is back and better than ever with a lineup that is surprisingly entertaining!


(courtesy of abc.com)

Disney’s Shake It Up star Zendaya is one to keep an eye on. The 16 year old dancing star steps on the floor and kills it every time, causing many parents across the country to grant bed time passes because Zendaya is a must see in the kids world. How do I know? My 8 year old tells me so lol



(courtesy of abc.com)

I cannot wait to see the evolution of Zendaya on this show, there is nowhere for her to go but up!!


Thank you for introducing me to a great African American I sadly knew nothing about. It was beautifully written and i look.forward to reading up on other unsung hereos!

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I told myself I would write about some unsung heroes. This month is Black History Month a month when heroes of America known, and unknown, are remembered for their amazing contribution to the world we live in. Although black history should be celebrated all year round, this month is still important and it is an amazing opportunity to learn about new heroes. I want to give a shout out to this thread

Garrett A. Morgan


Many of the world’s most famous inventors only produced one major invention that garnered recognition and cemented their prominent status. But Garret Augustus Morgan, one of the country’s most successful African-American inventors, created two – the gas mask and the traffic signal.

Born in the last quarter of the nineteenth century to former slaves, Garrett A. Morgan was only formally educated to a sixth-grade level. Fortunately, like many great inventors, Morgan had an innate mechanical mind that enabled…

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